Questions I am Often Asked

If you use your vehicle on a daily basis to either take the kids to school, shop, go to work, or all of the above, then having the number to a reliable and affordable towing service such as myself is critical. My frequently asked questions article will outline just why PRO Towing Service should be the number that you key into your phone in times of crisis.

Why choose my professional services?

Simple, it was only after serving more than 6 years in this industry, that I decided to go solo in 2019. I made sure that the vehicle I use, in addition to the equipment, parts, and tools are all top-notch and regularly serviced. I have slowly notched out a name for myself within the Decatur, GA area for being affordable, reliable, and above all honest, which is why many of my new clients are coming to me via word of mouth referrals. I can offer a range of services that include quality towing assistance to fuel delivery, however, more on my services later in this article.

If I should need to call upon your services, can I pay for them with a MasterCard?

Of course, I will also accept Discover, Cash App, American Express, checks, Visa, and cash.

Will I need to set up an appointment?

Yes, that is because I need time to gather the parts that I may need from the information that you supply me with in order to get you back on the road.

Do you only offer your services to the residents of Decatur, GA?

No, I also offer roadside assistance to the following cities:

  • Snellville GA;

  • Belvedere Park GA;

  • Norcross GA;

  • Conyers GA;

  • College Park GA;

  • Oakhurst Decatur, GA.

If you want me to consider your area, please call me and ask.

Free estimates, do you provide them?

I do, however, I do suggest that you contact me for them before you actually need my services. That way you are under no pressure or stress to hire the first company you call.

Do you offer discounts?

I do, if you are legally classed as a senior, then I will give you a 10% discount.

Are you insured or licensed?

Of course I am, some of the vehicles that I work on cost more than a house, and my clients are looking to me for reassurance that their vehicles are in safe hands.

When are the services of PRO Towing Service available?

Whenever I am needed. My service is available 24/7. As vehicles have a nasty habit of breaking down out of business hours.

Do you offer any other services?

I do, please read the following:

  • Tire Changes;

  • Towing Services;

  • Jump Start Assistance Services;

  • Fuel Delivery;

Further information on these services is available, please feel free to call me today.

Do you only work with private vehicles?

No, I also take on commercial clients.

By now, my frequently asked questions post should have covered all of the questions that you had about my towing service, if you have any more, or would like to speak to me, please do not hesitate to call me at (404) 739-4922 anytime.

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